Gulf South Telephone Company: The Difference

You have many choices when it comes to your telephone service needs. Why would you choose a small, local company over the many large, powerful companies available to you?

We decided to open Gulf South after a long running battle with a large telephone company over the reliability of their service. For years. Literally years - 15 to be exact.

We could not understand how a company gets to the point where it is normal to leave a customer with intermittent service for that length of time. Looking into it, we found that there are zillions of political and business reasons why Louisiana, and more importantly, the New Orleans area, are difficult for a large company to justify committing much effort to. But we found none of those issues bothered us as long time New Orleans residents.

So we set about building a telephone company of which New Orleans could be proud. It is our goal to bring our home town to the technological forefront by building the best infrastructure we possibly can. We hope that you will help by becoming our customer.